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Equus is a play tells the story of Alan, a disturbed young man who, in a fury brought on by shame, terror, and intense religious zeal, blinds several horses and the doctor who attempts to understand why he committed such a heinous act.

The overall design was inspired by Alan's fascination with horses, an element which resounds throughout the piece, as the ensemble dons horse masks and essentially become the animal in various parts of the performance. In one of the final key scenes in the play, we find Alan left alone in a barn at night, completely naked, feeling tormented by the dark visages of the horses which surround him. I wanted to capture that feeling of being haunted, being taken over by this creature, who, in Alan's mind, becomes his God. The choice to create the dark, bloody lettering on his back came from an earlier reveal in the play where we learn how he used to self-flagellate himself while looking at a picture of a horse. 

It's a dark and brilliant play, which I hope, if you haven't already, you get to see.